Frank Gonzalez, new president of the FEDH

Frank  Gonzalez

Frank Gonzalez has been chosen by the Assembly of the Spanish Ice Sports Federation (FEDH) as president. Gonzalez, who in the last two mandates has been the vice president of hockey ice FEDH, has won the final vote, held this afternoon at the headquarters of the National Sports Council (CSD), the hitherto President Maria Teresa Samaranch, by 20 votes to 16.

Gonzalez acknowledged that after a long electoral process “now have the satisfaction of being the second president of the FEDH, although at the time to address the Assembly I have excited and almost could not even talk.” The new president recognizes that is ready “to work to hold office, and we have agreed with the clubs tomorrow start the National Hockey League Ice, although some match hereby postponed and will recover as soon as possible and ahead an interesting internationally than here in two months we will have in Barcelona for the first time a Grand Prix Final ice skating and Granada 2015 Winter Universiade, to be held next February “season.

In today’s session has also been the Executive Committee for the next mandate, which have left designated the Basque federations, Catalan, Aragonese and Madrileña, clubs Iparpolo Curling Club, Leon Curling, Barcelona Curling Club Ice Jaca and ice hockey players and William Salva Barnola Betrán within the establishment of sportsmen, Fernando Calvo between referees and Antonio Chapels among technicians.

One thought on “Frank Gonzalez, new president of the FEDH

  1. Congratulations Frank, your tireless effort to develope ice sports in Spain, combined with your compassion for people and sports will make you an outstanding new President. All the Best !

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