Alpine Skiing

Carolina Ruiz Castillo

It consists of a downhill on skis as soon as possible following a winding route marked by gates. Sky Olympic sports for both men and women are:

  • Downhill: It is the longest of all the alpine events and the highest speeds of all disciplines are reached in its path. The competition consists of three days. The first one to examine the track and the path. The second one to make the training downhill and the third one to hold the competition. Skier gets sliding down the path with the shortest time becomes event winner.
    Victoria de Carolina Ruiz en el Descenso de la Copa del Mundo Meribel (Francia) 2013

  • Super Giant Slalom: It is a combination of a downhill speed and accuracy needed to trace the curves in Giant Slalom. Each skier makes a downhill and the fastest time determines the winner.
    Super Gigante en la Copa del Mundo de Austria 2012

  • Giant Slalom: Path requires tighter turns than the speed events because the distance between gates is reduced. The competition requires two runs by different paths on the same day. The winner is the skier whose sum is less time.
    Slalom Gigante en los JJOO de Invierno Vancouver 2010

  • Slalom: It develops on the shortest path from all disciplines and turns are very tight requiring a special skill in its chain. The way to decide the winner is identical to Giant Slalom: two runs on different paths and the winner is who gets the shortest time adding both downhill.
    Slalom femenino en los JJOO de Invierno Vancouver 2010

  • Super Combined: It responds to the sum of the two best times of a speed test (Downhill) and Slalom. The two runs are made in the same day and the winner is the competitor who obtains a sum less time.
    El esquiador español Paul de la Cuesta en la Copa del Mundo de Schladming 2012 (Austria)