Alpine skiing

018 Esqui alpino

In this type of skiing athletes participate in the Olympic disciplines in three different groups depending on their physical disability: sit-skiing (SIT), standing-skiing (ST) and visually impaired category (VI). Skiers compete using the correction factor, percentage that is determined by the degree of disability of the participant and applied to the mark that he takes. Athletes with visual impairment (VI) compete following a guide that goes before them indicating heard signals on the track to follow. Athletes use material that adapts their needs such as using a single ski, a chair with a ski or braces. Paralympic alpine skiing disciplines are the same as the Olympic:

    • Downhill SIT, ST, VI
Jon Santacana in Downhill World Championships in La Molina 2013

    • Slalom SIT , ST, VI
Women’s slalom World Cup in La Molina 2013

    • Giant Slalom SIT, ST, VI
Giant Slalom Test category standing (ST) women in the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

    • Super Giant SIT, ST, VI
Giant Super Test in the Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

    • Super Combined SIT ST, VI
Super Combined Test category standing (ST) male in Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

The Para Snowboard cross standing (ST), also known as snowboard adapted, is also practiced in the Paralympic Games. The athletes who practice this sport have deficiencies in the upper body. This discipline has begun to take part in the Paralympics in the edition of 2014 Sochi.