Barcelona and the project are not only a promise but a commitment. The main benefits to gain are:

Durability of the legacy of 92 Barcelona. . The project builds on the legacy of Barcelona ’92 to give a new use to the great buildings that were designed decades ago and show that with minor interventions their current utility is unquestionable.

Improvement of winter sports. Barcelona Pyrenees is the long-delayed and long-awaited opportunity to put ice and snow sports in Spain at the level of excellence of all other sports. The Pyrenees should be the engine to improve the level of our winter athletes while a desirable destination for the global community of athletes and tourists from snow.

Reaffirmation of the Barcelona ” model ” managing large events. In light of successful experiences, the 2026 Barcelona Pyrenees project aims to update the model of organization that takes the name of the city, characterized by the vision of heritage, public – private collaboration, and citizen participation.

Global positioning of Barcelona as a smart city. The Olympics will be an incentive to extend new paradigms of urban sustainability and wellbeing.

Extension of environmental responsibility. The project has environmental standards beyond what is strictly required, wanting to generalize environmental responsibility, even among those communities and citizens not directly affected by the project.

Play the role of capital in the service of the Pyrenees. The capital shows the commitment and dedication to lead the project to exercise its role in Catalan and Spanish level, and thus make it possible to live and work in the Pyrenees with quality and connection to the world.