016 Biatlon paralimpico

It is a sport that combines two competitions in one, cross-country skiing and shooting. Athletes may participate in sitting (SIT), standing (ST) and visually impaired category (VI) according to their physical impairment. Within a category SIT, ST or VI the skiers compete in terms of the limitations caused by their disability. For example, within the category of skiers on wheelchair (SIT) it must differentiate those who have a reduced function of the trunk and legs of those who have impairment in the legs but normal trunk control.

The Paralympic program consists of three events:

·   Short distance 7, 5 km men and 6 km ladies SIT, ST, VI.

·   Medium distance 12, 5 km men and 10 km ladies SIT, ST, VI.

·   Long distance 15 km men and 12, 5 km ladies SIT, ST, VI.

Depending on the itinerary, athletes stop various times in the shooting area. They have five shots to give a target at 10 meters. Each mistaken shot is penalized with extra seconds, to be added to the total time. The competitor with the fastest time hangs the champion medal.

IPC Biathlon 2008 in Finland