007 Biatlo

It is a sport that combines cross country skiing with shooting. The objective is to complete the biathlon course in the shortest time possible and get the maximum number of targets with shooting to avoid the time penalty that involve errors. Ski biathlon requires fast and it’s physically very demanding, while the rifle shooting requires precision and control. The events included in the Olympic program are:

·   Sprint 10 km Men / 7, 5 km Ladies: All competitors must stop twice at the shooting range for five shots. In this event, for every missed shot the athlete makes a complementary back in a space of 150 meters. The women’s tour is 7.5 km and for men is 10 km. The athlete with the lowest time, including extras runs, is the winner of this race.

Biathlon sprint in Germany

·   Individual 20 km Men / 15 km Ladies: The athletes go one by one every 30 seconds. Throughout the event, competitors stop four times on the shooting range for five shots. For every missed shot the athlete is penalized increasing one minute the final time. The winner of the event, taking into account any penalties, is the athlete with the lowest final time.

Men’s Biathlon in the Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

·   Pursuit 12, 5 km Men / 10 km Ladies: The top sixty athletes of sprint are qualified for participating in the trial of persecution, which is to pursue the winner of the sprint event. The first to go out is the winner of the previous test and consecutively other runners start to go out separated by time intervals derived from the mark obtained in the previous test sprint. The women’s race is 10 km and 12.5 km male. All competitors go four times through the range, where they make five shots. Every missed shot requires extra travel 150 meters. The winner is the first to cross the finish line.

12.5 km men’s event in the Vancouver Winter Olympics

·   Mass Start 15 km Men / 12, 5 km Ladies: Thirty competitors participate in this event going out at the same time and stopping four times to make each time five shoots. If an athlete misses a shot, he has to make a penalty loop of 150 meters. The first athlete to cross the finish line is the winner.

Mass Start on Winter Olympics Torino 2006

·   Relay 4 x 7, 5 km Men / 4 x 6 km Ladies: In this event, the competition is for teams of four biathletes. Each member of the team skis 7.5 km (men) and 6 km (women), and each reliever stops twice in the range. In this test each athlete has three extra bullets, apart from the usual five, and like other tests of biathlon, if an athlete misses a shot must complete a 150-meter lap penalty.

Biathlon relay at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics – full video