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Txuri-Berri Cafès Aitona i SVC Iparpolo, Spanish Champions

201505 curling

Spain Men’s Championship

Txuri-Berri Cafès Aitona (Mikel Unanue, Sergio Vegada, Antonio de Mollinedo and José Manuel Sangüesa) won the Spanish Championship of Curling by beating Sporting l’Olla (José María Hernández, Rickard Nils, Cyril Roux, Carlos Lorente and Miguel Barnils) in the final by a convincing 8-3 which made them finish the tournament unbeaten



Champion: Txuri-Berri Cafès Aitona (Mikel Unanue, Sergio Vegada, Antonio de Mollinedo and José Manuel Sangüesa).
Runner up: Sporting l’Olla (José María Hernández, Rickard Nils, Cyril Roux, Carlos Lorente and Miquel Barnils).
Bronze SVC Iparpolo (Gontzal García, Manuel García, Santiago Pellejero and Rubén García).
4. Barcelona Reds (Víctor Navarro, Dani Obradó, Carles Francesc Casanova and Albert Castellar).
5. Barcelona Greens (José Luis Hinojosa, Llorenç Aparicio, Sergio Martín, Luis Domingo and Daniel Sánchez).
6. CEVA Curling (Raúl Manero, Jesús Manero, Héctor Manero and Adrià Manero).
7. No Name (Ángel García Major, Ángel García Aguirrezabal, Eduardo de Pau Cureses, Andrés García and Alberto Ramiro).
8. Jaca Curling (Lluc Munuera, Alfonso Gràcia, Rodrigo García and Óscar Tesa).
9. Puigcerdà Pànxing (Eduard Ferrer, Jordi Mas, Carles de Moxó and Jordi Diví).
10. Lleó Curling (Diego Gutiérrez, Benjamí Rodríguez, Jorge València, Antonio Hernández and Virgili Riesco). Descends.


SVC Iparpolo (Maria Fernández, Onditz Pereira, Raquel Pasqua, Sorkunde Vegada and Irantzu García) is the new Women Spanish Champion afvter beating Txuri-Berri Cafès Aitona (Oihane Otaegi, Leire Otaegi, Estrella Pagès, Asun Manterola and Aitana Saenz).



Champion: SVC Iparpolo (Maria Fernández, Onditz Pereira, Raquel Pasqua, Sorkunde Vegada and Irantzu García).
Runner up: Txuri-Berri Cafès Aitona (Oihane Otaegi, Leire Otaegi, Estrella Pagès, Asun Manterola and Aitana Saenz).
Bronze Kokomo Valladolid (Sofia Fernández, Ane Quadrat, Patricia Ruiz de la Torre and Alicia Munté).
4. Puigcerdà Pànxing Divines (Anabel Valle, Anna Carrera, Sílvia Orriols and Montse Martí).
5. Puigcerdà Pànxing Les Nenis (Sílvia Contel, Lara Ruiz, Marina Amilibia, Aroa Amilibia and Laura Lara).
6. Barcelona Curling Club (Laura Almazor, Mari Carmen Lozano, Marisa Lozano and Eva García).

RFEDI sport infraestructures for the 2015-2016 season


After a winter with plenty of succesful results such as Queralt Castellet’s (halpipe) Lucas Eguibar’s (snowboard cross) and the retirement of two important sport women in winter sports: Carolina Ruiz (alpine skiing) and Laura Orgué(cross-country, the team of RFEDI will be made of 15 sportsmen and sportswomen.

The RFEDI president, May Peus, claims to be proud of the team of sportsmen, sportwomen and technical personnel who make the RFEDI 2015-16 team.

Alpine skiing
Paul de la Cuesta, Quim Salarich, Alex Pont i Juan del Campo.
Coachs and technical personnel: Christian Leitner, Guillermo Gallego and Ángel Calero.

Júlia Bargalló i Núria Pau
Coachs and technical personnel: Joan Orriols, Toño Góngora, com skiman.

Snowboard i Freestyle
Lucas Eguibar, Queralt Castellet, Laro Herrero and Regino Hernández, Maria Hidalg

Coach and technical personnel: Israel Planas, Carles Torner and Luca Trionte.

Cross-country skiing
Imanol Rojo and a host of young promises
Coach and technical personnel:Franco Puntel, Jesús Pérez

Victòria Padial and Víctor Llop

Majadahonda Women Ice Hockey Spanish Cup Champion

150426 majadahonda

The SAD Majadahonda beat 1-0 the Ice Blue Cats to win the 2015 Women Ice Hockey Spanish Cup at the Palau de Gel of the FC Barcelona, on Sunday, 27th of April 2015.

This victory is the 6th so far for the Federacion Madrileña de Deportes de Invierno’s team. Barcelona’s Ice Blue Cats, for its part, has only lost two games during this season.

“The final was very contested and intense with quite a lot of public attending the event. The Ice Blue Cats, with only one year of history, were runner-up of this years cup as well as of the regular league. A very, very important feat”. Explained Juan Gallardo, President of the Associació Sant Martí Esport (ASME).

Spain’s Female Hockey Cup presentation in Barcelona

150413 Copa espaa HHF3

Spain’s Female Hockey Cup presentation took place last Tuesday 13th at the Palau de Gel of FC Barcelona, a facility were the competition will be held on the 25th and 26th of April. The local team, Ice Blue Cats will compete together with Madrid’s SAD Majadahonda, Valdemoro’s Steel Acorns and Aragon’s Club de Hielo Jaca.


Semifinals: 25th of April.

14:15h Barcelona Ice Blue Cats and Steel ACORNS from Valdemoro,
20:45h, SAD Majadahonda and Club de Hielo Jaca.

Final: 26th of April 14:15h.

Ice Blue Cats pioneers in Catalonia

Ice Blue Cats is the first Ice Hockey women team in Catalonia and the only one in the women’s league of this sport.

The School White Program of winter sports in Catalonia and The Pyrinees is one of the 13 chapters of SGE School Sport

201504 programa blanc escola 2

Published at the web site Secretaria General de l’Esport, it shows all activities promoted by the Secretaria General de l’Esport.

La sèrie destaca els valors intrínsecs d’aquestes activitats i els beneficis, tant a l’àmbit de salut com de cohesió social, que aporten als nens i joves d’arreu de Catalunya.

The series highlights the values of this activity and the benefits, health and social wise, that they provide the youth of Catalonia with.

Carolina Ruiz and Alex Puente, Spanish Champions of Giant Slalom at Baqueira Beret

201530 Carolina Ruiz es retira

The third and last test of the Spanish Alpine Ski Championship – organised by the Spanish and Catalan Federations together with other institutions – was held on Tuesday 30th of March.

The trial took place at the Beret Stadium with splendid weather which lasted throughout the event.
The GS start at 2.211m and finish at 1.860 m, with 48 gates for men aand 47 for women.

Carolina Ruiz, one of the best skiers of Spain retires

The skier from Sierra Nevada, was the Spanish GS winner with a clock of 2: 25.73.

Another memeber of the RFEDI, Núria Pau, has returned to the podium. She did the second best time in the GS at only +0.46 of the winner clocking 2:26:19. Third place went to Júlia Bargalló, with a time of 2:27:19. .

Alex Puente: “today I had an extra motivation and all went well

The Aran skier finished first with a difference of -1.27 hundredths of a second. Second place went to Pol Carreras, with a clock of 2: 20.47. Bronze went to Pol Rocamora, with a total time of 2:21:80

Barcelona will host the finals for the second year of the ISU Grand Prix skating

150407 Grand Prix

The Catalan capital will be the first in its 21-year history of the competition to repeat two years in a row. The event, held in December 2014, closed its doors with a great response and a great recognition around the world, both by the local and foreign spectators.

Barcelona will host the second consecutive year the celebration of the ISU Grand Prix Final ice skating and thus become the first in history to host your event two editions followed.

And it does so after the great organizational success demonstrated last December and the great value of the event by the International Skating Union (ISU), the International Federation of skating, the international governing body has granted the City of Barcelona and the Spanish Federation of Ice Sports holding this championship, which compete with the best athletes and six pairs of every kind of campaign, the month of December.

The Deputy Mayor for Quality of Life, Equality and Sports City of Barcelona, ​​Maite Fandos said that “it is a real honor that the international federation to think Barcelona has returned to host the Grand Prix Final skating . Again, our city has shown its global leadership in organizing sports events, and in this case in the sports of ice, which will help us to continue promoting these types among our citizens and positions us once again face to the intentions of the city to host the Winter Olympics in the future. ”

The last edition of the ISU Grand Prix Final of ice skating took place in a temporary installation located in the International Convention Centre (CCIB) and had a capacity of 5,500 seats. During the three days of competition and the Gala Exhibition, more than 25,500 people visited the grounds of CCIB to enjoy the best moment of skating in the categories Men, Women, Couples and Dance.

In this 2015 edition, which will take place from 10 to 13 December, again cited the six best athletes achieve their ranking during testing of the ISU Grand Prix in both the Junior and Senior category.

Congratulations to the organizers by all delegations to international Grand Prix Final in 2014 were unanimous, as many executives recognized to have been especially amazed because this was the first time that the city hosted a competition of this type.

The event closed its doors with a great response and a great recognition around the world, both by the local and foreign spectators.

Javier Fernández figure skater world champion


The skater Javier Fernandez has achieved World Champion of Skating in Shanghai, a real hand in hand with the Olympic champion Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu.

Fernandez has achieved its goal World Champion figure skater, the same season that managed to be triple European champion and silver medal in the final Grand Prix of Barcelona, ​​being the greatest achievement of ice sports in Spain.

After hanging twice bronze in 2013 and 2014, Javier went all out in the long program, before a packed Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai. Its distance on Yuzuru was minimal, only half points behind, so Javier just had to do what you know, a flawless long program.

First out was the Japanese who had his best program with a score of 175.88, which weighed a couple of glitches, a fall and a double instead of a quad.

Next on the scene was the Spanish skater, who masterfully played his “Barber of Seville”, earning a total score of 181.16, which will aupaba the top of world drawer.

Finally the gold was for the Spanish Javier Fernández (273.90 points), silver for the Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu (271.08) and bronze for Kazakhstan’s Denis Ten (267.72).

This result will allow Spain to have three squares next year on the world of Boston (USA).

Final Results

1. Javier Fernandez (Spain) / 273.90
2. Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) / 271.08
3. Denis Ten (Kazakhstan) /267.72
4. Jason Brown (USA) /248.29
5. Nam Nguyen (Canada) /242.59
6. Misha Ge (Uzbekistan) /234.89
7. Maksim Kovtun (Russia) /230.70
8. Adam Rippon (USA) / 229.71

Javier Fernández looks forward to Shanghai’s meeting


There’s not much time left for the start at the Oriental Sports Centre in Shanghai of the World Championship of figure skating. The Spanish team presence will be impressive and leaded by the three times European Champion, Madrid’s Javier Fernández.

Besides Fernández, the national team will also include this season’s revelation Ice Dance pair, Sara Hurtado and Adrià Díaz.

Javier Fernández, Europe’s current champion, will try to obtain the so looked for World Champion title with his two star programs, with the song “Black Betty” for the short program and music form “Il barbieri de Sevilla” for the free program.

The strongest contestants Javier will face are Russia’s Sergei Voronov , current silver medallist for the European Championship, USA’s Jeremy Abbott, and the Russian Maxim Kovtum and above all of them, the current World Champion Japan’s Yuruzu Hanyu.

Ice Dance pair, Sara Hurtado and Adrià Díaz, will try to reach the world’s Top-ten group.

Championship schedule

Wednesday 25th
Dance short program 5:15-07:25h (Sara Hurtado – Adrià Díaz) Short pair program 11:42-14:36h

Thursday 26th
Women short program 5:20-08:32 h pairs free program 12:00-15:00 h

Friday 27th
Ice dance short program 4:15-06:49 h (Sara Hurtado – Adrià Díaz) Men short program 10:20-13:52 h (Javier Fernández)

Saturday 28th
Women free program 4:24-07:25 h
Men free program 11:45-14:52 h (Javier Fernández)