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Historical win of Lucas Eguibar in the World Cup of Snowboard cross FIA at La Molina


Saturday 21st of March’s snowfall did not deter the basc Lucas Eguibar from winning the World Cup. On that day, Lucas made history for the Spanish snow sport.

With the glass trophy in his hands, the rider from the Real Federación Española de Deportes de Invierno was exultant thanking “all my family for coming to see me and all the RFEDI team for the work done. To all of them I dedicate the trophy”.

In spite of the blizzard and thanks to the organisation superb effort, the race started on time. 32 men and 14 women took part on the event.

Lucas Eguibar reached the race as the front-runner with 600 point ahead on the classification. Despite of this and due to the often surprising scores of this sport, Australia’s Alex Pullin and Russia’s Nikolay Olyunin could also win the cup. But they needed to finish first at La Molina.

Men classification World Cup SBX 2015
#1 EGUIBAR Lucas (ESP) 2090.00 FIS points
#2 PULLIN Alex (AUS) 1700.00 FIS points
#3 OLYUNIN Nikolay (RUS) 1560.00 FIS points

Women classification World Cup SBX 2015
#1 MOENNE LOCCOZ Nelly (FRA) 2400.00 FIS points
#2 MALTAIS Dominique (CAN) 1900.00 FIS points
#3 MOIOLI Michela (ITA) 1900.00 FIS points

The World Cup of snowboard starts at La Molina


The 20th and 21st of March, La Molina will held the World Cup of SBX where the best snowboarders of this discipline will take part in. The classifying rounds will take place Friday in Alabaus where the 32 men and 16 women that will take part in the final will be determined.

A total of 89 riders (59 men and 25 women) will take part on the classifying rounds.

The men and women winners of the glass trophy will be decided on Saturday the 21st of March.

Lucas Eguibar, leader at the World Cup


Lucas Eguibar has added another World Cup medal to his tally. With this Sunday’s silver medal plus yesterday’s gold at the Snowboard cross (SBX) World Cup at Veysonnaz (Switzerland), the skier from San Sebastian leads the circuit with 1800 points, 600 more than second place Canadian Kevin Hill with 1200.

Eguibar, at the event conclusion, has stated that he faced the race “as eager as the day of his victory, if not more” after a close contested final.

Gold of the second event went to the Australian Alex Pullin, twice World Champion at Molina’ 11 and Stoneham’13.

The third place was for Canada’s Kevin Hill, World silver medal at Kreischberg’15 (Austria) and third at the World Cup in Montafon’13 and Veysonnaz ‘ 15.

Lucas Eguibar, 2nd in the Snowboard cross of the Cortina d’Ampezoo European Cup


The RFEDI rider, Lucas Eguibar, competed on the 7th in the SBX of the European Cup that was held at the Italian station of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The Basc managed to get the 2nd place in a very contested final where the winner was the French Pierre Vaultier, gold in Sochi’ 2014 Olympic Games. The third place went to the Swiss Jeroem Lymann and the fourth to Italy’s Omar Visintin, winner of the World Cup circuit on 13-14 season.

The teams technical coach, Israel Planas, stated that “they were a semi-final and final as good as the Olympic or World Championship ones” adding that “it was a very good descend with options from beginning to end for everyone”.

The other two Spanish riders did not reach the final. Lalo Herrero got up to the quarter final and Regino Hernández reached the eight final

Queralt Castellet, half pipe world runner up a the Universiada Granada Sierra Nevada 2015


The RFEDI catalan rider, Queralt Castellet, standard-bearer of the Spanish national team in the Winter Universiada Granada 2015, competed in halfpipe at Sierra Nevada and has won the first medal in a Universiada for Spain, finishing second.

Castellet, after getting through the classification runs – where she had a fall that left her with a black eye – compited against the current halfpipe World Champion, China’s Xuetong Cai, who beated her at the World Championship at Kreischberg’15 (Austria) and who today also got the first place.

Queralt Castellet obtained a 2º place with a score of 72.25. The podium was completed with the Gold winner  Xuetong Cai, with a score of 82.50, and the third place for the Swiss Carla Somaini, with a score of 67.75.

Maria Hidalgo 10th at the Big Air World Championship

150126 Maria Hidalgo-Kreischberg-M#BC4B46

The Catalan snowboarder took part on her first World Championship on the 19th and 23rd of January scoring a 23rd place on Slopestyle and a 10th place on Big Air.

Only 17 years old, she had her first experience on a World Championship in Kreischberg 2015’s slopestyle and half-pipe championship. “I am very happy of having had this opportunity and looking forward to train for the next world championship in Sierra Nevada” she said.

Historical podium of Queralt Castellet with her second place at Kreischberg’s FIS World snowboard halfpipe

2015 FIS WCS Kreischberg - HP - Finals

The Real Federación Española Deportes de Invierno (RFEDI) rider, Queralt Castellet, has reached the podium at the World’s halfpipe (HP) Competition after obtaining a well-deserved 2º place in the first round of the final held at the Austrian ski station of Kreischberg on the 17th of January.

Castellet was very proud of her results and stated “I am very happy, I have been competing for a few years and a podium on my fourth World competition is very much welcome”. The Sabadell Catalan got a silver medal with a score of 81.25 after a much fought final for the second a third places. The winner was the Chinese Xuetong Cai (94.25) who obtained the best score on the three rounds. The podium was completed with the French Clemence Grimal with a score of 80.25.

Laro Herrero 7th place and Regino Hernández 9th at the contested Kreischberg’s FIS World snowboardcross

150116-RFEDI Laro Herrero Kreischberg

The Real Federación Española Deportes de Invierno (RFEDI) sportsman, Laro Herrero, has well achieved his objectives for this World Championship that started on the 15th of January at the Austrian ski station of Kreischberg.

The Cantabrian has managed to get the 7th place after a very contested competition where the Italian Lucan Matteotti got the gold medal.

Regino Hernández, for whom it was his 4th World Competition, reached the quarter finals and obtained the 9th place.