Cross-Country Skiing

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It usually consists of walking long distances with skis on an uneven terrain, with slopes that can be strong but not continuous, and that requires good endurance. Depending on the technique practical testing is divided into classic style, where the skis are parallel, or freestyle (skating or skating), which allows any form of progression. Olympic disciplines are:

·   Skiathlon: Men 15 km (classic technique) + 15 km (free technique) / Ladies 7, 5 km (classic technique) + 7, 5 km (free technique): This test consists of two parts which both advance techniques are used. The check-out is on mass and halfway, athletes change both skis and poles, making the first part of the race with classic technique and the other half with free one. Women ski a total of 15 km (7.5 km + 7.5 km classic free) and men 30 km (15 km Classic + 15 km free). The first athlete to cross the finish line wins the event.

Test chase Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 – full video

·   Men’ classic 15 km / Ladies’ classic 10 km: this discipline is performed according to the technique of classical style and women walk 10 km and 15 km men. Every thirty seconds goes a competitor. The best skiers start at the end. The winner is the skier who covered the distance in less time.

Test chase Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 – full video

·   Men 50 km Mass Start / Ladies 30 km Mass Start: : all skiers start simultaneously using the technique of classical style. It requires a very wide track, both start and rises. The women’s race is 30 km and 50 km male. The first athlete to cross the finish line is the winner.

Output grouped in Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

·   Classic Sprint Relay: teams are formed by alternating two athletes during the race so that walking six laps in total, three each, following the classical style. Athletes have to make the correct transition between turns to touch physically his companion, without interfering or obstructing other teams. The winner is the first team to cross the finish line.

Team Sprint in the Olympics in Torino 2006

·   Men Relay 4 x 10 km (2 classic + 2 free) / Ladies 4 x 5 km (2 classic + 2 free): The teams consist of four skiers. The first two parts of the relay is performed with classical technique and the last two, with free technique. Female teams covering a total of 20 km, 5 km per skier, while men cover 40 km, 10 km per participant. The relay begins on an output format in a group with all teams lined up in rows. The winner is the first skier of the fourth leg of the relay crossing the finish line.

Reliefs 4 x 10km Torino 2006 Winter Olympics

·   Sprint free: In this event skiers use freestyle technique. In this discipline the athletes must show their full potential over short distances. The cross-country requires a hard physical training and a highly developed. It is a competition that requires a qualification round where only the top thirty finalists pass the elimination rounds. After the final round the winner is known.

Test free sprint Cross Country Skiing Winter Olympics in Torino 2006