Figure Skating

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It is a form of skating practiced with musical accompaniment which combines strength, technique and sensitivity. The skaters perform stunts, twists and manoeuvers skating on an ice surface, and are rated by judges following a Code of Points. Specialties are both individual and couples:

·   Individual Men / Ladies Skaters: must complete a short program of steps, jumps, turns and compulsory combinations and a free skating program longer, both accompanied by music. The winner is the skater with the best score.

Single Women in Torino Winter Olympics 2006

·   Pairs: The event has the same format as the individual competition but in this case, a skater male and a skater female must work together. The highest score determines the winning couple.

Skating partners in the Torino Winter Olympics 2006

·   Ice Dance: The difference between competition in pairs and Ice dance is that the latter is based more on the blending of the skaters and the choreographic aspects. The partner best judged wins the event.

Dance Skating Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

·   Teams: Competition recently added to the Olympic program that has its first appearance in Sochi 2014. According to the CIO, this event consists of six skater’s teams: one male skater, one female skater, a pair of skaters and an ice dancing couple. Points are awarded to each skater or couple. The team with the highest number of total points will be declared the winner.