Finance and Marketing

It is possible to organize affordable and profitable games. The economic objectives of the proposed bid Barcelona Pyrenees 2026 are to optimize existing resources, to attract private investment, public investment needed to streamline and maximize the impact on both economic activity and employment in Barcelona, ​​the Pyrenees, Catalonia and Spain during the application process and beyond 2026.

The development of all project budgets Barcelona Pyrenees 2026 is based on one of the main foundations of the Bid: sustainability, and is characterized by the following three criteria:

  • Generating economic impact to maximize every opportunity that allows holding the games: create employment, PIB growth, entrepreneurship and other positive externalities.
  • Balanced budget Concentration, prudent and efficient using the existing resources and legacy of 92 infrastructures.
  • Public-private Concentration.

The Olympic project is a significant economic boost. The Games attract significant financial resources that otherwise would not fall on the territory. The Games are a productive investment and spending is self-financing.