004 Freestyle

It is a form of skiing where skill, spontaneity and creativity of skiers are combined. These elements are judged to determine the winner of the race. There are five disciplines in the Olympic calendar:

  • Maguls: Participants must ski down a slope and pass a series of bumps. The goal is to ski down the track as fast as possible and give the two jumps without technical errors or loss of balance. From this score goes the winner of the race.
  • Male test bumps in the FIS World Cup in Oslo 2013

  • Aerial: This event involves performing acrobatic jumps. The jumps are made from large wood pallets, placed on the ground and covered with snow. During the jump, the professionals perform multiple figures, flips and twists before landing on the runway. Athletes are judged on the quality of take-off, height gained, form and body position and maintain balance as on the rear landing. Skier gets the best score of the test is proclaimed winner.
  • Freestyle aerials in Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

  • Ski Cross: This discipline was Olympic at first in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. A ski slope ski cross involves banked corners, jumps, dubbies and other elements on the ground. The objective of this event is to overcome all these items quickly to reach the finish line before all other competitors. It is a discipline with qualifying playoffs where four to six skiers make a descent and before these to decide the starting order a single drop timed qualifying is done. From this point the qualifiers are done to reach the final. The gold medal goes to the competitor who wins the final descent.
  • Ski cross test in Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

  • Ski Halfpipe: This comes as an Olympic discipline at the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi (Russia). It consists of descending a track in the form of semi tube, skiing side by side for the track doing jumps and figures. The judges evaluated the evolution of athletes according to the degree of difficulty and execution. The winner of the race is determined from the assessment.
  • Ski Halfpipe Dew Tour 2010

  • Ski Slopestyle: The objective of this event is to get the best score in performing jumps and how overcoming obstacles and fences. The question is not to do the same trick several times, but doing different types of tricks on each module, either jump or fence. The skier with the best score wins the event. This also comes as an Olympic discipline at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
  • Ski Slopestyle Dumont Cup 2012