Barcelona is a city that grows when has dreams, and now we want to work securely together with the Pyrenees, to achieve a new one: to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Keeps in motion a process that should lead us to achieve, in 2017 November, the designation as a bid by the Spanish Olympic Committee, to overcome, in 2018, the cut of the International Olympic Committee, and in 2019 October, the nomination Olympic. This is the goal and the way we should go.

If the ’92 Games served to build the city at an urban level, giving it the necessary infrastructure and social organization, the 2026 Barcelona Pyrenees bid is a unique opportunity to better our city backbone with Catalonia, to consolidate its model of cohesive, open city with own personality, and to reassert its leadership and its international expansion as an economic engine in southern Europe.

But no one can deny the immense ability of Olympics to generate efforts, resources and opportunities, and this is a value that Barcelona has to take advantage of, and Catalonia can also benefit it. The Games of 2026 can contribute decisively to the development of an important part of Catalonia, especially the Pyrenees. It is in this sense that the proposal has received show of support from all social, political and institutional sectors of the Pyrenees.

The 2026 Barcelona Pyrenees bid is a project of Barcelona to Catalonia. It’s a project of a Mediterranean capital that has a long and fruitful relationship with its mountains. It’s a project that fully links the role of Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain with Europe. It’s a Catalonian project with its capital at the forefront in the world.

2026 Barcelona Pyrenees is also a hugely grateful city to the Olympic movement. A city like no other has been able to understand and integrate the Olympic spirit. So with this project, Barcelona feels committed to work with institutions and agencies to promote Catalan and Spanish level winter sports.

Made the announcement of the will of Barcelona to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of 2026, now we begin the time to gather forces and wills. It is therefore time to add. And the sum will be the best guarantee to build the best possible Bid.