Mediterranen Olympic Games

The 2026 Barcelona Pyrenees bid is a surprising and timely proposal. This would be the first Mediterranean Winter Games on history.

Barcelona is the only possible intersection between Nordic culture, traditionally associated with the Winter Games, and the Mediterranean culture, which has been on the sidelines of the Winter Olympic events. Barcelona with ​​the Pyrenees would align with various audiences, from the Olympic family to citizenship.

Barcelona is the Pyrenees and Pyrenees are Barcelona and this is a great opportunity to improve the country’s position in the international framework of winter sports and to position the Pyrenees mountain range as a reference.

The Barcelona’s bid is able to change the image we have today of the Winter Games and widen the boundaries of the Olympic – both geographic and symbolic, because it builds on the positive vision that the world of Barcelona, the warmth of its climate, its people and their way of life, supplemented by the alpine habitat in the Pyrenees with its cold climate and its natural and human heritage.