Nordic Combined

005 Combinada nordica

It consists of a mix of two modalities, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. The goal is to get the highest score in both events. At the Olympic Winter Games there are three competitions played:

·   Individual Gundersen Normal Hill + 10 km: This competition takes place during two days. On the first day each participant performs two jumps of 90 meters (K90), and the final score of both is added. The second day the 10 km cross country event is held on freestyle. The starting order in this event is done according to the results of the previous day. The first to reach the finish line is the winner.

NH Individual Nordic Combined at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 – complete video

·   Individual Gundersen Large Hill + 10 km: is similar to the normal hill individual event as the cross country is also walking 10 km freestyle, although in this case the ski jump is 120 meters (K120). The winner is the one competitor before crossing the finish line as the starting order of the event was established from the classification of the event ski jumping.

LH Nordic Combined Winter Olympics in Torino 2006

·   Team Gundersen Large Hill + 4 x 5 km: Each team consists of four members. The first day each participant performs two jumps on a ski jump of 120 meters (K120), and the score adds eight jumps. The second event day skiing is done in the form of 4 x 5 km relay freestyle. This is equivalent to 5 km for each of the four skiers. As in the individual event the start line is distributed and the first to reach the final line wins.

American Team in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics