Short Track

013 Short track

Also known as speed skating short track, unlike the long track skating, the competition is not against the clock, but the skaters compete among themselves in a much shorter track. The oval track circuit makes only 111 meters and there is no division of streets. There are heats in all the events and the first are classified for the next round. In each race, there are a maximum of six participants. The program includes eight different games tests, four men and four ladies:

·   Masculines: 500 metres, 1.000 metres, 1.500 metres i 5.000 metres per equips.

·   Femenines: 500 metres, 1.000 metres, 1.500 metres i 3.000 metres per equips.

In the team events (5,000 m men and 3,000 m ladies) competing relays of four skaters’ teams and every skater can relay at any time, although the last two laps must be done by a single skater.

Proof female short 1000m track speed skating at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics