Ski Jumping

FIS world cup ski jumping ladies, individual HS134, Oslo (NOR)

It is a winter Olympic sport which involves a skier makes a jump from a ski jump. It is a sport of great technical difficulty and requires much precision. During the flight the athlete must take care of all aspects, as judges value the distance, style, harmony and aesthetics of movement during the jump. All these elements serve to determine the final score and name the winner of the event. The program of the Olympic Winter Games includes individual and team events on the normal hill (Normal Hill) and long ski jump (Large Hill):

·   Normal Hill Individual (NH): It is the only jumps’ event performed on the normal hill, which has a K-point (point of construction that determines the size of the ski jump and the point estimate for the achieved distance) between 75 and 99 meters. Each skier performed two tries, the win being the one who gets the highest score. It is the only women’s event in ski jumping.

Ski jumping trampoline normal in Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

·   Large Hill (LH): This competition takes place over the long ski jump, which has a K-point greater than 100 meters. Each skier has two attempts, achieving the victory who reaches the highest score.

Ski Jumping long trampoline in the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

·   Large Hill Team (LH): This event is performed on the long ski jump. Each team has four jumpers, each of which performs two attempts. The team that gets the highest score obtained by adding the eight jumps gets the win.

Ski jumping for a long trampoline equipment in Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010