Halfpipe World Cup Saas-Fee

This discipline consists of descending a snow surface with a snowboard. The objectives are different depending on the type of event. In some of them the key is to descend as quickly as possible following a path marked by gates, also to overtake paths with different modules or other occasions must perform tricks to gain the best score. Disciplines including the Olympic schedule for both men and women are:

·   Parallel Giant Slalom: It consists of two identical symmetrically marked paths that allow two runners descend at the same time, each by a path. The Giant Slalom style is characterized by a greater distance between the gates regarding Slalom. The winner of each round moves to the next qualifying round to reach the final round, where the winner of the competition will be announced.

End of Parallel Giant Slalom in Torino Winter Olympics 2006

·   Parallel Slalom: It is very similar to the Parallel Giant Slalom event with the only difference that in this case, the discipline to compete is the Slalom. The distance between the drawn symmetrically gates is lower, which implies a larger number of bends and a closed path. The winner of this discipline is decided by the same method of overcoming the rounds Parallel Giant Slalom.

Parallel Slalom World Cup in La Molina

·   Snowboard-Cross: Athletes make a start in groups of four or six, beating curves, jumps, dubbies, and compulsory gates in order to get the first goal. It is a system of elimination rounds to reach the final.

Snowboard Cross at the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

·   Snowboard Halfpipe: This Olympic discipline is to descend a semi tube track, taking off from side to side and making a series of jumps, tricks and manoeuvers that will be judged on execution and difficulty. The judges designate the winner the test valuing the total score of competitors.

FIS World Championships La Molina 2011

·   Snowboard Slopestyle: It consist in descending a specially designed track that includes jumps and other modules that require great adaptability of snowboarders, where the goal is to perform the most difficult tricks. There is no time to beat; the athlete with the best score is proclaimed the champion of the event.

Snowboard Slopestyle Sierra Nevada World Cup 2013