Speed Skating

012 Patinatge de velocitat

It is a form of skating where skaters compete against the clock on an ice rink which is an oval circuit of 400 feet and two streets. Competitions last a minimum of 25 laps and a maximum of 250.

The Olympic events are according to the distance travelled:

·   Men: 500 m, 1.000 m, 1.500 m, 5.000 m, 10.000 m and team pursuit.

·   Ladies: 500 m, 1.000 m, 1.500 m, 3.000 m, 5.000 m and team pursuit.

The test team pursuit is the newest of the Olympic program. Teams consist of three skaters to be relieving, and the final time of the team is the one of the third skater when it passes the finish line.

Test male 10,000 m speed skating in the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics