Technology and Energy


The international position in the development of advanced telecommunications services in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona allowed having the utmost confidence in the current and future capacity of the networks. It should be noted the accumulated experience and ability in organizing premier sporting events, both in Barcelona and La Molina – Masella. The city has also experience in the organization of many top international events, including the Mobile World Congress (MWC), very demanding in telecommunications.

The viability of the project is based on efficiency, using existing infrastructure and without building new ones with no continuity beyond the Games; vegetative growth, providing telecommunications infrastructure to all civil infrastructure and venues built or remodeled; and coverage of the Olympic operational needs and ensuring network security.

With regard to energy efficiency, the goal is to minimize energy demand, harness renewable energy sources and waste, and maximize energy efficiency.

Snow production

Producción de nieve en Sierra Nevada

La ciencia de la nieve – creación de nieve – Vídeo en inglés

After the analysis of possible climatic scenarios regarding to the bid for the project guarantee all snow production for the Olympic competitions as determined by the application file 2026 Barcelona Pyrenees. This local snow production system is a CIO requirement for any Winter Olympics bid and offer total guarantee on the worst-case scenario.

We can say that even in the most unfavorable climatic scenarios, low probability, it will perfectly cover 100% of the snow’s needs of the Olympic and Paralympic competition with teams of resources (water and energy) provided for the production of snow.

A meteorological level, the production and maintenance of the snow is also guaranteed taking into account the conditions of temperature, humidity and wind of the last 10 years.

Ice production

Ice sports are practiced over icy surfaces called rinks. The ice rinks require prior ice production and subsequent maintenance to ensure the best track conditions.

The ice rinks maintain their ice with the help of a permanent cooling machine. The basis of the ground is covered by a cold blanket, which is connected to a water pump that allows the use of the cooling machine. Once the base is achieved, the pipes are filled with a mixture of antifreeze and water. When the cooling machine achieves its optimal temperature a water hose is used to create the first layer of ice. The water is crystallized immediately in contact with the pipes of the cooling blanket. This process will create the different layers of ice to reach the ideal of between 6 and 8 cm thick.

The 2026 Barcelona Pyrenees bid ensures the production, quality, efficiency and maintenance of the ice for the realization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on more than optimal and sustainable conditions.